The Delightful New User Experience of Another Case Solved

Another Case Solved is a free to play match 3 puzzle game available on iOS (maybe Android too, I am too lazy to check. Though not too lazy to type this disclaimer, despite it rapidly becoming about the same level of work. Possibly even more, now) where you play a detective, matching symbols to collect clues and solve cases.


EA’s End User Licence Agreement screen. Click for full sized.

When you first start it up, you get this delightfully dour box, taking up the entire screen. If this doesn’t scream “hey kids, hold on to your socks, because what’s about to happen here is fun, fun, fun!” then I honestly don’t know what does.

Look, it’s even helpfully highlighting the “accept” button for you. Because if you press “decline” you get a popup alert over the top of this saying “you must agree to EA’s Privacy and Cookie Policy, Terms of Service and EULA to play this game”, which then dumps you back here.

Quite why it bothers having a “decline” button I haven’t worked out. Maybe it’s a clever part of the puzzle game.

Anyway, this is awful and somewhere a lawyer should feel bad that they are, without doubt, churning users from their game before they have even reached the title screen.