Tealy & Orangey

Screenshot of Tealy & Orangey

A unique puzzle platform game that also requires some sharp reflexes at times. You control two coloured blobs – Tealy & Orangey, in case you hadn’t worked it out – and have to get them both in to their end of level markers at the same time.

Sounds easy enough, and it does start out that way, but as you progress more hazards and twists are introduced. By the time you reach the end each level will give you a lot to concentrate on!


Tealy & Orangey advanced mode screenshot


  • Unique puzzle platform gameplay.
  • 30 challenging levels.
  • Standard and Advanced game modes.
  • Practice mode, allowing you to hone your skills on any previously completed level.
  • Your best playthrough time is added to the Kongregate high score table.

Screenshot of Tealy & Orangey


Rock, Paper, Shotgun

It’s neat. You should try it.

Ken Levine (creative director of Bioshock)

very clever and unique. player attention is something we don’t leverage as a resource often enough and [Tealy & Orangey] does that well.

The Observer

Jammed full of subtly brilliant flourishes, its core mechanic is stimulating and delightful and is implemented with simple but precise attention to detail.

Team Meat (creators of Super Meat Boy)

have played your game, and its quite awesome […] you pulled it off nicely!


An enjoyable way to fill ten minutes of your time.

Tealy & Orangey screenshot