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If You Hate Free to Play Then You Probably Hate Good Old Fashioned Honest Pubs

Premium games are like events with a free bar. You don’t really know what you’re getting when you pay once for admission, but all of the content is free.

Free to Play is like a pub. You can go in, see what drinks they have on offer, sit around and socialise for nothing. Some places will even give you little tasters of their beers gratis, in the hope you’ll buy more. If you’re willing to put the time and effort in to socialising you can probably get a few drinks for free before the paywall (your round) comes along, but it’s easier to just pay for your booze.

Modern AAA is like a nightclub. There is heavy advertising through leaflets and promo staff telling you how awesome it is, but the scene inside often bares scant resemblance to the promises. You won’t know that until you’ve shelled out to get in though, and once you are inside there are lots of extra charges for the content. It’s all very brash and loud, and you’ll probably only end up sticking with it for a few hours before it’s over, leaving your ears ringing.

A closed beta is like a wedding …

You know what, I’m going to stop there. Disclaimer: I don’t believe any of this nonsense, obviously.

Obligatory First Post

Good afternoon.

If you are reading this then the chances are there’s a decent amount of content on the blog and I can reasonably consider it a minor success (or at least, not and abject failure) in terms of personal blogging projects.

You see, I have “done blogs” before. Three or maybe four times. One I even got reasonably good at updating (good in the regular sense, not necessarily in the “high quality content” sense), until A Series of Events caused me to delete the whole thing. Probably a bit rash in hindsight, but I really couldn’t be dealing with the distraction at the time, and it was my blog so my rules.

Oh and I have a tumblr I’m trying to keep alive as well, though it’s incredibly boring unless you happen to be exactly in to the idea of looking at hundreds of screenshots of iOS game UI. Which currently it appears is as much a niche subject as I imagined (still that one also serves the purpose of categorising my collection of hundreds of screenshots os iOS game UI, so is useful to me if nobody else).

Anyway, all these things combined mean that I have absolutely no intention of publicising this thing until it has an amount of content on it. Should we decide how much, right now? (Obviously I am thinking aloud, literally only I am going to read this.)

31 posts. That is how many. One for every day in January. Which is fairly arbitrary in itself as I have no intention of it being a daily blog.

Edit: And I’ve now totally broken this self-imposed “rule” anyway. So probably better to just ignore almost everything I ever say that I will do, ever again.

At this point I’d write about what sort of stuff I am intending to blog about, but there seems little point – you’ve come here when there are 30 bits of “stuff” already (yes this terrible introduction counts as a thing, my blog my rules remember), so you probably have a much better idea than I do of what it contains.

(Truth be told, I just find that I feel odd without a bit of web space to host things on. How terribly futuristic I must seem to the 8 year old me.)