Can We Please Stop Cloning Clash Now?

Star Wars: Commander is a nice game. In it you build up a little military outpost, train an army, and then go and attack the bases of other players as well as some bases that form a loose story.

It’s Clash of Clans but dressed in a kids’ Star Wars fancy dress outfit, in short. Its “unique” (and I use dick quotes only because I’m sure another Clash Clone must have already done it) twist on the formula is that you choose a side to align with – either the Rebel Alliance, or the Empire – and this has an affect on what order buildings unlock for you, and what units become available.

The thing is, you could reasonably expect that the combination of Disney’s development & advertising budget, the evergreen appeal of the Star Wars IP to a young male demographic, and the winning core gameplay loop and monetisation of Clash of Clans, would be a blockbuster formula.┬áBut is isn’t. It has done well by most standards, but is just managing to cling on to a top 10 grossing position by the tips of its fingers, it isn’t knocking it out of the park.

Do you have Disney’s money and a great IP? No? Well maybe you should think about not trying to clone Clash of Clans then. Players are getting bored of seeing the same game over and over.

Star Wars Commander's Top Grossing chart for the first 30 days.

Star Wars Commander’s Top Grossing chart for the first 30 days.